I’m Chloe, a Birmingham-based writer and blogger that, put simply, really likes food!


Whether I’m cooking at home, eating a steak the size of my face at Fiesta Del Asado, jostling with hipsters to get to the latest street food event or fine dining at one of Birmingham’s 5 Michelin star restaurants, if there’s food involved in this city, I’ll be all over it!

I’m passionate about local producers, chili sauce, craft beer and well-made cocktails, I also enjoy travelling and discovering places to eat and explore along the way

Some of my favourite experiences so far have been at Rofuto Japanese restaurant in Birmingham, with amazing views over the city, the time I went foraging in the Forest of Dean with Forest Holidays and the fabulous Gin tasting I went to at The Jekyll & Hyde in Birmingham.

I’m open-minded and willing to try anything once and I’m PR friendly, so if you want to get in touch, please say hello at gastronomicgorman@outlook.com

I’m an advertising copywriter in my day job and a freelance non-fiction and short story writer in my spare time.

Enjoy the blog and please follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you’d like to stay updated and see regular pictures of my dinner!