Mount Fuji

Yesterday I met up with a good friend of mine that I haven’t seen since leaving uni two years ago.

One thing we always used to do was go out to eat whenever we could, often choosing Asian cuisine as Peter is from Hong Kong, and neither of us have many friends brave enough to try something unusual!

So, we decided for our reunion meal we’d go out and have Japanese food. Having both frequented the conveyor belts at Yo! Sushi all too frequently, I suggested trying Mount Fuji, an independent Japanese restaurant in the Bullring, specialising in traditional Japanese Bento.

We opted for an early meal and walked straight in at 5.30 and were seated without having to wait. The service was a little rushed despite not being busy, but nothing to complain about.

We decided to share the Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura Bento box which comes served with a sushi selection. I’m a great lover of sushi, but I must admit although the fish was fresh and clearly good quality, it wasn’t the most exciting sushi I’ve ever had, with only cucumber rolls and salmon sashimi, so I was somewhat disappointed.

The Bento box however was a vast improvement! The chicken tempura was light and crispy on the outside, but juicy and delicious on the inside, just how it should be, and the tempura vegetables were crisp and light. The Chicken Teriyaki was defnitely the highlight for me though. Moist and delicious chicken and a really fresh tasting sauce that packed a punch with every bite. There was also a selection of vegetables and pickles including green beans with a sesame dressing and Japanese vegetables in what tasted like a smoky barbecue sauce, all washed down with a bottle of Kirin Ichiban. The box came with steamed rice and dipping sauce, which were both equally good, and the whole meal, despite us sharing, still filled us both up, Although I think the fact we were chatting about everything from Chinese culture to university exploits in between each mouthful probably contributed to that!

I loved the light and airy decor and the fact I could people-watch from the window, and the actual boxes themselves were really cute. I’d definitely visit again, but probably for a lunchtime meal and I’d opt for a box to myself rather than the sushi. I’m also tempted to go back and try their famed green tea which they grow themselves in Japan. They even put it in their desserts!

Plus if you’re working in the city centre, they have a loyalty card you can pick up too. Everyone knows the great health benefits of Japanese food, so if you’re after a healthy and satisfying meal, I’d definitely recommend Mount Fuji.


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