Brum Yum Yum!

The street food phenomenon in the UK is on the rise. No longer are we subjected to greasy burgers served from the side of a clapped out van, but offered a myriad of mobile morsels from burritos to falafel.

After a successful pilot, Saturday May 11th (also my birthday may I hasten to add…) saw Kings hEATh Streetfood Market Part II. I somewhat tentatively arrived to a very rainy Kings Heath, just before the market got going and swiftly ran towards the cover of a tent.

Luckily Really Awesome Coffee were on hand with hot drinks served from their converted van. I opted for a hot chocolate with marshmallows, which I must admit, was one of the better hot chocolates I’ve had and after the warm up, I was ready to go!

Sadly The Original Patty Men weren’t quite ready, so I dived straight in with Buttermilk Fried Chicken and hot sauce from Hungry Toad and boy was it good. Tooth shatteringly crispy coating, tender and juicy chicken and amazing flavour. It was a good start.

Next I moved on to Margo & Rita and their absolutely adorable purple Citroen H Van. I opted for the pulled pork burrito. However this was not just a burrito, this was a monster. Served up with succulent and tasty pulled pork, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos, rice and beans, I’m amazed it all fit into the tortilla. As I’d expected having watched the chefs quickly but lovingly prepare it, it was a party for the tastebuds.

After demolishing most of that, but admittedly, saving some for later so I could fit more food in, drinks were much needed. After spotting Chinampas Agua Fresca I headed over, intruiged by their drink in a bag, I went for a Hibiscus Agua Fresca. Served up in, literally, a little plastic bag with a straw, nicknamed by the two lovely ladies there “the unspillable drink” I had a taste and was pleasantly surprised. It had a similar taste to Ribena, but extra fruity, tangy, and clearly much better for you!

Though my health kick didn’t last long, as I shortly mooched my way over to Churros & chocolate, no explanation required 😉

Having now reached near bursting point, I thought it best to avoid eating anything else, so instead I had a look around some of the local produce on offer. The Spanish tent had some amazing looking chorizo and black pudding sausage, but what really caught my eye on the way out was Pip’s Sauces. I was drawn not only by the vintage bicycle complete with basket full of goodies, I’m a bit of a chili sauce addict and love to try out as many as I can find. I took advantage of the great value 3 bottles for £10 offer, and took a curry sauce, hot sauce and barbecue sauce, all of which had their own flavour with a devilish kick of chili.

On reflection, I really loved the mix of exotic flavours and local suppliers. I think it’s a testament to Birmingham’s food scene that the quality of our street food is so high and that the prices are surprisingly reasonable. It’s great to see that so many suppliers are so keen to show us their wares, and I hope that the event becomes a regular fixture and continues to grow. It would be brilliant to see the project expand into other areas too.

Chloe x

The next Kings hEATh Streetfood Market is on Saturday June 8th from 12 at the Village Square. You can find all the details here or follow Brum Yum Yum on Twitter