Last week saw the first ever #futurefoodies event at Hotel La Tour in Birmingham. Firstly… what a turnout! I arrived around 6:20 and it was absolutely packed. The whole space was full of people desperate to get their hands on Birmingham’s best foodie offerings, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Myself and The Style Floozie, aka Sarah, went along to sample the goods, starting with a rather interesting absinthe based cocktail from Le Truc. Now the last time I had absinthe was on a Greek island some time ago, in a rather less than civilised state, so this was the first time I’ve ever actually tasted it while sober. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan… so we moved swiftly onto The Birmingham Whisky Club stand.

Both myself and Sarah are rather partial to a good single malt, and the one we tried was called Macallan. Our whisky expert explained that this single malt was actually very young, as opposed to being aged like many others on the market, and was in fact marketed towards women. Another fairly unconventional element to this drink. Although we didn’t feel it needed to have a girly, wine bottle shape, the drink itself was very appealing. Much lighter than other single malts, this was in fact very refreshing, lacking the harshness of some other brands.

Next we moved onto Kingstone Press cider from the Aston Manor Brewery. There were 3 to sample here, traditional apple, pear and a smoky scrumpy. The apple was fab, sweet and fizzy, any Magners drinker would be at home with this one, but the real treat was the Pear. Not as sweet as a Kopparberg, but so refreshing. Literally tasted like Summer in a bottle, and considering they’re available at Morrissons for just £1, it was a definite winner!

After a liquid started, we decided to be unconventional and start with desserts on the food side of things. The dessert & wine matching from Aalto at Hotel La Tour was just brilliant. Jaffa cake sponges and dessert Riesling are a match made in heaven, The comedy moment was being photographed with a spoonful of strawberry dessert in my mouth and being asked to look happy! Why do I get the feeling that won’t be a flattering photo…

We also had to sample some of the beautiful treats from Miss Apple Sweets, Devenish Girl Cupcakes and Miss Macaroon. Miss Apple’s Brazilian Brigadeiros were phenomenal, gorgeous little chocolate truffles with some delicious flavour combos including dark chocolate & chili, and white chocolate with toasted coconut.

Then onto Devenish Girl Cupcakes, not your average cupcake may I say! The cocktail range was very innovative and absolutely delicious. I think I could even stretch to say that I preferred her gin & tonic cupcake more than the real thing!

Then we just had to sample the peanut macaroon from Miss Macaroon. A luminous orange burst of loveliness, not unlike peanut butter candies. Then onto some amazing fudge, lovingly handmade in the Jewellery Quarter by Creating Taste, diamond award winners at Heart of England Fine Foods. The ginger one was superb, with spicy ginger really balancing the sweet, stickiness of the fudge. Perfection!

After all that, we still felt we should try something savoury, so we headed back into the crowd and sought out Heart of England Fine Foods, Wrapchic and The Jabberwocky. We stopped off to sample an amazing goats cheese quiche, washed down with Purity Mad Goose Ale, where the guys at HEFF kindly gave me a bottle to take home, then joined the huge queues for food.

The Jabberwocky, regulars at Digbeth Dining Club, were serving up gourmet toasties like you’ve never had. I went for salmon and goats cheese, while Sarah opted for a beef and blue cheese, both of which were fab. We then moved onto Wrapchic for a brilliant, if a little messy wrap! The only ones left by the time we got there were soya, but with such great flavour and spicing, you didn’t miss meat at all. The guys there explained that even though Indian food usually has fried onions and spices to make their curry paste, these guys don’t fry anything at all, but still managed to create an authentic flavour but minus the fat. Safe to say their shop in the North Western Arcade is most certainly going to become a lunchtime staple for me, especially seeing as all this food is starting to catch up with me!

After a quick rest we finished off the evening with a quick sample at the Geek Brewery stand, which was pretty good too. I must say, I didn’t like it quite as much as Brewdog, but definitely worth a try, especially being a local brewery.

.All in all #futurefoodies was a roaring success, and rightly so, Birmingham has a buzzing local food scene. Here’s hoping for more of the same!

Chloe x

#futurefoodies was hosted by Dine Birmingham, find out more about them here

The Birmingham Whisky Club ‘A Dram Fine Summer’ is on from June through into August, with various events around the city, showcasing some of the best whisky’s around at the moment.

All of the foodies suppliers are on Twitter, you can follow them all for exclusive updates and info.