Cheap as Chips

I was looking through the Birmingham Mail website the other day and noticed that they have a feature called “Cheap as Chips” where they review local fish & chip shops. I found it highly amusing that they’ve reviewed Classics in Erdington High Street (anyone who’s been there will understand why I find this hilarious!) but the reviewer also had what he described as “in-car scales” to weigh his cone of chips!

But, mockery aside, I thought the idea of reviewing a fish and chip shop wasn’t a bad idea, especially seeing as I’m in the process of moving house and therefore living off takeaways.

So! I headed down to Atlantis in Wylde Green off the back of a recommendation from a friend. Much like it’s namesake, Altlantis appears to have uncovered a lost art: great fish and chips in the city.

As well as the takeaway fish bar, there’s also a sit down restaurant, and restaurant quality fish and chips is exactly what’s on offer here. A far cry from cold, cardboard chips and soggy fish. I went for a small cod & chips, although this portion was definitely not small! The batter was crisp and tasty, the fish was tender and the chips were just plain delicious. If I closed my eyes I could almost have been at the seaside.

So for all fish and chip lovers, don’t go rushing to the beach just yet, pop down to Atlantis and see what I mean!

C x