Madeleine at The Cube

Working in Brindleyplace, I’m constantly surrounded by food & drink. I start deciding what to eat for lunch at 9am as I’m making my way into the office, but as much choice as there is on my doorstep, sometimes its good to venture out.

Today I had the pleasure of getting lunch at Madeleine on level 7 of The Cube, a stones throw from my office and well worth the walk.

The atmosphere is relaxed and airy with floor to ceiling windows, perfect for people watching, and rustic wooden touches. The staff are so welcoming and the selection of food is fantastic. From artisan breads, sandwiches and fresh soup, to pies, quiches, salads and of course… cake!




Today’s soup of the day was Leek & Potato, one of my favourites, so I went for that with some of the tomato sourdough bread.


Let me tell you this soup was beautiful. Not thick and creamy like a traditional leek & potato soup, but lighter and refined with thinly sliced leeks and a garnish of fresh chives and really good olive oil. The way the leeks were presented reminded me of French Onion Soup (which I also love) and it gave it a touch of finesse that made lunch feel like a proper meal.

The bread was fantastic too, a big wedge with a really flavoursome crust and light dough inside. Perfection!

Obviously I couldn’t come to Madeleine without trying the coffee, so as I’d gone for a hot soup, I chose the ice coffee. Presented in a glass with the milk at the bottom and coffee on top creating a pretty ombre effect, the coffee was strong, with a hint of vanilla which I really enjoyed, and ultra refreshing.


Then onto the cake…


I have a soft spot for red velvet cake, so I just had to try some. It was dense, moist, and had a white chocolate and vanilla frosting that I loved. The fresh raspberries on top cut through the richness so it wasn’t too cloying. If anything my portion could have been smaller and I would have been just as happy, however I am a greedy girl and polished off the whole thing anyway!

I thought the food here was really good, and the atmosphere and decor make it a little spot of tranquility amid the bustle of the city. Its a great venue for a casual work meeting over coffee too. I’ll definitely be popping back. I’ll be needing the walk after all that cake!


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