Purecraft Bar & Kitchen

After a very busy few weekends spent packing boxes, moving house, and then unpacking said boxes, I haven’t been out much. Last weekend was the first one in weeks where I could relax, so a well deserved beer was on the cards.

I was first introduced to Purity ales at last year’s Birmingham Independent Food Fair, and I’ve had my eye on Pure Bar & Kitchen since it opened, so I headed over there to give it a try.

First impressions were good, a bit more light and airy and a bit less ‘hardcore’ looking than its craft beer counterpart Brewdog, but with some fab industrial touches, particularly the bar. The beer menu was vast, with all the Purity offerings from classics UBU, Mad Goose and Pure Gold, to newer additions in the form of Longhorn IPA and Lawless Lager, alongside a long list of guest beers from Europe and beyond.

I’m a big fan of an IPA, so I went for a pint of Longhorn to start with. At 5% abv it’s a good strength, slightly bitter, but refreshing with citrus flavours. I also loved the glass it came in (shame I couldn’t fit it in my handbag…)

Purity Longhorn IPA

Purity Longhorn IPA

Pure also have a unique offering in that you can try a flight of beers, 4 1/3 pints of a selection of ales. They have a menu of flights they recommend to try together, or you can choose 4 of your own. I just had to try one, so I went for the “A Trip To Europe” Flight, featuring Landbier Dunkel, Kolsch, Czech Dark Lager & Houblon Chouffe.

I loved the Houblon Chouffe, especially the name which I took great pleasure in trying to pronounce for the rest of the day, and really enjoyed the Kolsch which was everything I imagine good German beer to be. The Czech Dark Lager was strong with an almost liquorice taste which my other half really liked. The only one I wasn’t sure about was the Dunkel. As much as I wanted to play the connoisseur and like it, the smell reminded me of horse stables. Odd I know, but I couldn’t quite get over it!

As if all the beer wasn’t enough, Pure Bar & Kitchen also has a great food menu of traditional pub classics and beer drenched dishes. I’d been told on good authority by the lads at Out In Brum that the Scotch Eggs here were amazing, so of course, I had to see for myself.

Scotch Egg

Scotch Egg

They weren’t wrong. The egg was cooked to perfection with a soft yolk, the breadcrumbs on the outside were crisp and the sausagemeat was intensely savoury and really well seasoned. Sadly the kitchen closed mid afternoon while we were there, so I’ll have to go back again to try the Black Pudding, but if the Scotch Egg was anything to go by then I’ll probably be back more than once.

The real ale movement really seems to be catching on in Birmingham, and with places like Pure Bar & Kitchen popping up, I’m not surprised. I’ll drink to that!


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