Bun and Bowl Cocktail Launch

As any of my friends will tell you, I’m a big fan of cocktails, so when Bun and Bowl at The Cube invited me along to a cocktail tasting night to launch their new drinks menu, I got rather excited.

I’ve been to Bun and Bowl a few times for food, you can read my review of their shrimp and burgers here, but this time it was all about the drinks…


The bar was literally lined with an array of cocktails, ranging from classics like the Espresso Martini to Bun and Bowl signatures like the Speakeasy made with house made kiwi schnapps.


The speakeasy was delicious, really refreshing and dangerously tasty, it went down very easily! As did the Sherbetini, which is made like a Martini but tastes surprisingly like a sherbet lemon!


There were even Halloween specials, including a Bun and Bowl version of an After Eight, and a Tequila cocktail called the Diablo.


Then we were treated to a selection of shots…


The first was Bubblegum, which we all agreed reminded us of baby Calpol (still a good thing), then a Shrimp Bloody Mary with celery salt rimmed glass.


This was really good, albeit very different with the savoury flavours.

Once we were thoroughly warmed up, things started to get serious! The lovely Ting of The Ting Thing was challenged to a Flaming Lamborghini, which was an absolute showstopper!


With a base of Black Sambuca and an addition of Baileys, Ting said it tasted creamy and sweet with a strong aniseed flavour. It certainly looked the part!

Then they made us Jaegerbombs!


After lining up the glasses of Red Bull,  the barman balanced shots of Jaegermeister on top of all the glasses, then knocked them over creating a domino effect as the shots fell into the Red Bull. It was a spectacle to see, but at 7:30pm I wasn’t brave enough to down a Jaeberbomb that early!

We finished off the night with a decidedly more sophisticated glass of Champagne before saying our goodbyes.

If you’re a cocktail fan I would definitely urge you to try Bun and Bowl, especially if you frequent The Mailbox or Brindleyplace. As an independent venue, you get a real personal service, the bar staff are skilled at making cocktails and the menu is varied with some real unique offerings. And of course, the food is brilliant too if you decide to stay for dinner after drinks!

Plus until the 30th of November, Bun & Bowl are offering all readers a free cocktail of your choice, when purchasing a main meal, just quote BB14 to your server.

Chin chin!