If there’s one thing I really love in life, it’s a good slice of cake. Whether it be lemon drizzle with a refreshing cup of Earl Grey, rich Jamaican Ginger smothered in custard for pudding after a Sunday Roast or an adorable Red Velvet cupcake, cake can convince me to do pretty much anything, so when the NHS Blood Transfusion Service got in touch with a blood boosting, iron rich cake recipe for me to try, I was excited to give it a go.
Birmingham and the surrounding areas have very few donors in the 17-24 year old age range, so the NHSBT wants to encourage more people to donate with the help of celebrity chef Mich Turner of the Little Venice Cake Company.
Mich’s Apricot and Almond cake is made with ingredients high in iron for healthy blood, and having tried it out myself, I can also say with conviction that it’s delicious! It’s a lovely moist cake with juicy apricot pieces throughout the sponge, the almond flavour is very subtle.
All of the ingredients are really simple too, with most of the things I needed already lurking in my kitchen cupboards. I served it up as an after dinner pudding with fresh custard.
You can get the recipe at the #BakeDonate event happening at lunchtime on April 1st in Victoria Square, Birmingham where you’ll get to see the man himself baking his secret recipe exclusively for NHSBT. People who attend are being encouraged to donate blood during April at the blood donation centre on New Street, then take a selfie with the hashtag #bakedonate to nominate their friends to join in too. Mich’s iron rich cake recipe is the perfect treat after donating so they’ll also be encouraging everyone who donates to get baking too.
Blood donation is such a worthwhile cause and genuinely does save lives every day. It’s so simple to do, and with a delicious cake recipe up for grabs too it’s the perfect reason to do something amazing.
You can find out more about the NHS Blood Transfusion Service here.
This is not a sponsored post.