Wrapchic Blogger Night

When it comes to Burritos, Birmingham has no shortage of options. With Bodega Bar y Cantina on Bennetts Hill, Chilacas at Brindleyplace and a host of Street Food trucks including The Mexican Bean and Habaneros, it’s tough to try and stand out. Cue Wrapchic – the Indian Burrito Company.

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Wrapchic (which is Mumbai slang for sexy), is based in the Bullring and pairs regional Indian flavours with Mexican style street food to create a unique offering for hungry shoppers. I went along to a blogger night last week to try it out.


Sumit, the Franchisee for Birmingham, welcomed us all and explained the concept behind Wrapchic. One of the main things is to make Indian food portable. Most people wouldn’t be able to sit down to a full Indian meal during their lunch hour, and as curry and rice isn’t the most portable food, Wrapchic uses Mexican style flour tortillas and wraps to enclose authentic Indian flavours creating a convenient and tasty fusion dish. There’s also a strict no fry policy, to ensure the dishes are as healthy as they can be.

Onto the menu, there are 6 different fillings for burritos, wraps, tacos or rice bowls, with chicken, mutton, fish, paneer and soya to cater for a broad range of dietary needs. There’s also a selection of sides – wraposas (like samosas), wrap chips, chicken wings and wrapchos (their version of nachos).  We got to try a little bit of everything, starting with Lassi.


Wrapchic make their own lassi in a selection of flavours. We tried the traditional Mango lassi, which was refreshing and delicious, and a Strawberry version which was very sweet.

Shortly after the side dishes started to come out. First off I tried some wrapchos, which looked very much the same as Mexican nachos, served with tomato salsa, jalapenos, sour cream & cheese. The tomato sauce had a sweetness to it, which I think came from caramelised onions. Very moreish!



I also tried some of the spicy chicken wings and a mutton and potato wraposa.

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The chicken wings packed a punch and had a nice spice kick which I really liked. They did get a bit messy though so napkins were required! The wraposa were good too, more like a toastie than a samosa I thought, but the mutton and potato flavoured with cumin had that distinctive meat samosa taste. These are also dairy free so great for anyone who isn’t a fan of cheese in their toasties.

Then for the mains, we had a look through the menu, checked out the produce and finally decided what to have.

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As I was so full up from sampling all the side dishes, I shared a Chicken Chettinad burrito with Ting from The Ting Thing.




The burrito comes with marinaded chicken, basmati rice and Indian spiced beans, we decided to add Mango & Chili chutney for a kick of sweet heat. The Burrito was absolutely delicious, the rice was perfectly cooked, the chicken was really tender with a spicy flavour from the red chillis, tempered by the creamy beans and lots of fresh salad. It was also a huge portion, half was definitely enough to satisfy me, but a whole one would be a big filling lunch.

We even got to sample some Indian inspired sweets with chocolate and chilli cookies and Indian carrot cake, which was surprisingly sweet and light.


So what’s the verdict? The food was great, the flavours were different from the norm and the portions were very generous. It’s just good, uncomplicated food make with passion, and I’d definitely go back and get lunch to take away, although I probably wouldn’t sit in to eat.

All I can say though,is whoever first thought of putting Indian food in a burrito, was a very clever person!

You can find Wrapchic in the Upper Mall West at Bullring, between Debenhams and Gap. My food was complimentary, many thanks to the team at Wrapchic, but all opinions remain my own.