Honest Brew

If you’re a reader of my blog, you will know this already, I love beer. I am a huge fan of all things hoppy and brewed, especially real ales and craft beers.

I often pick up a few beers on my way home on a Friday to enjoy over the weekend, so when I was introduced to Honest Brew, the craft beer subscription, I had to give it a try.  Their taster kit features 6 craft beers for only £12, great for a starter before committing to a full subscription, so after signing up online I eagerly awaited my delivery.

The box arrived just a few days after I ordered with my 6 beers in a range of flavour profiles from light & crisp to dark & chocolatey, with accompanying tasting cards.


My selection was:
Hells Lager – Camden Brewing Co
Gammaray Amercian Pale Ale – Beavertown Brewery
Urban IPA – Tiny Rebel Brewery
Railway Porter – Five Points Brewing Co
Straight Up Amber Ale – HonestBrew own brew
Epic Saison – Wild Beer Co.


I decided to start at the light and crisp end of the spectrum with the Hells Lager from the Camden Town Beer Co. This combines two German styles, the Pilsner and the Helles, so this lager actually has flavour unlike its mass-produced, soulless counterparts. Its a refreshing drink with a dry finish which makes it very easy to drink. If only more lagers tasted like this one!


As a pale ale drinker, I was particularly pleased to see 2 pale ales in my selection. I tried the Beavertown Gammaray first which is an American Pale Ale. It was fresh and fruity with a good bitterness. Very refreshing on a hot evening! I also loved the artwork, it reminded me of Mars Attacks! Great talking point when you pull one of these out of the fridge.


Next I tried the Urban IPA from Tiny Rebel Brewery. This was quite complex with the citrussy element you expect from a pale ale, and an unexpected spicy undertone which lingered after the first taste. This went particularly well with the prawn curry I was eating at the time, really accentuating the spicy notes in the beer.


 Wild Beer Co. Epic Saison was up next. Now this is unexpected. You get a slight citrussy note first, which warms to an almost spicy finish with some earthy notes too. This would be amazing with a curry!


The Straight Up Amber Ale was really lovely. As soon as you open the bottle you get the toffee aroma and the beer has a lovely sweetness which makes it really moreish. I could definitely have had another few of these.



Then lastly the Railway Porter. Unfortunately for me, this one got snapped up by my other half, who loves dark ales. He said this one had a really coffee-like aroma.


With such a wide selection it is hard to choose a favourite, but I think I’d have to go for the Straight Up Amber Ale or the Beavertown Gamma Ray. I really enjoyed experiencing all the different tastes, and discovering new breweries who are making a noise in the industry.


Try Honest Brew for yourself with a 6 beer Taster Kit for only £12 from me.

Bottoms up!