Teatulia Single Garden Tea

For me, tea is the curer of all ills, the fixer of all of life’s problems and the king of drinks. I have a collection of tea paraphernalia including at least 4 teapots and a selection of loose leaf teas that could rival Fortnum & Mason.

I was recently given the opportunity to try Teatulia Single Garden Teas so of course I jumped at the chance. What makes Teatulia unique is the origin of their teas. All of their certified organic teas are grown on virgin soil in one tea garden in Bangladesh. Using only natural ingredients with no flavours or additives, these teas are as pure as can be, and they have an ethical heart as the Teatulia Cooperative works to improve the lives of the workers and the ecosystem in Bangladesh.

The range has something for most people with black, herbal and green teas, including my favourite – their take on Earl Grey.

Teatulia Earl Grey, while being a classic, has a different flavour to others I’ve tried. The aroma is citrussy and fresh, but when you drink it there’s a rich earthiness to this tea, cut with a refreshing splash of Bergamot that made this really beautiful to drink.

The black tea is really good too. Again it has that hint of earthiness and a good strong flavour. There’s a back note of sweetness in this tea too, very drinkable.

The lemongrass herbal infusion is delicious, subtly herbal  and unashamedly citrussy. I actually preferred this one as a really refreshing iced tea.

Teatulia green tea for me has a much better flavour than most other green tea bags I’ve tried. I tend to opt for loose leaf green tea as the taste is far superior, but this green tea holds its own, retaining the grassy freshness I like.

Then finally the Tulsi tea. I first discovered Tulsi tea (made from Holy Basil) when I was on a clean eating programme and although at first it wasn’t to my taste, I eventually learned to love it, the perfumey flavour was completely unlike anything I’d ever had before. Teatulia’s Tulsi is combined with black tea to give it a spicy flavour which works just as well hot or cold.

What I love the most about Teatulia, as well as the great flavours and impressive quality teabags, is their ethical heart. Twinings you have some stiff competition!!