Treat Kitchen Nottingham

The traditional British sweet shop is something I have fond memories of. I remember going to the old ABC Cinema in Chatham with my dad, and across the road was a sweet shop called Pats, which literally had sweets floor to ceiling on both sides of the shop. Cola cubes, pineapple chunks, yellow belly snakes, lemon bon bons, and of course, jelly beans. Unfortunately Pats sweet shop is no longer there, but the traditional British sweet shop is far from gone.

Treat Kitchen in Nottingham is everything you could want from a sweet shop, with gourmet jelly beans, handmade fudge, local rock, chocolate pizzas and much more. They sent me a lovely parcel including strawberry flavour and mint sorbet flavour gourmet jelly beans, foam bananas, radioactive sours and Nottingham Rock to review.

Treat Kitchen

As well as being packaged and branded beautifully, these treats took me right back to childhood. Foam bananas and shrimps were a favourite of mine as a kid, so I loved eating these. They tasted just as I remembered, cue waves of nostalgia and an all too familiar tummy ache from eating too many sweets!

The jelly beans went down well too, the mint sorbet flavour was slightly unusual as I’d never had a mint jelly bean before, but the strawberry was lovely, with an almost milkshake-y taste.

The rock was as nostalgia-filled as the bananas, reminding me of seaside trips and caravan holidays. Treat Kitchen started in Nottingham so this apple and raspberry flavour, hand rolled rock celebrates that. It’s even in the colours of the Nottingham flag.

Lastly there were the Radioactive sours. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of sour sweets, and I don’t like liquorice, so my lucky other half got to enjoy the whole bag of these to himself. According to him they are VERY sour, but also very nice if you like liquorice. Great fun for little ones and big kids alike!

All in all, a lovely little set of treats which I enjoyed eating, and perfect for gifting, especially the sweets that are packaged in glass jars, bottles and flasks. If you want to try them yourself, there’s 3 for 2 this Saturday (25th July) as Treat Kitchen celebrate winning Nottingham’s Independent Business of the Year Award!


You can find Treat Kitchen at Wheeler Gate, Nottingham or order online.