Inferno: Exclusive First Look at Buffalo & Rye

Buffalo & Rye is the newest little sister in the Bitters & Twisted family, with a bar stacked with Bourbon and a menu of American inspired dishes.

When I found out that the latest Brumderland 7 Deadly Sins event ‘Inferno’ was an exclusive first look at Buffalo & Rye I had to get myself on the guest list. The event took place on Sunday afternoon the day before the official opening, where we got a sneak preview of some of the dishes and a mini-masterclass on some of their cocktails.

Sat right next to Bodega on Bennetts Hill, Buffalo & Rye is a much smaller venue but has the same quirky vibe that Bitters & Twisted have become known for, with funky yellow stools at the tables, a giant portrait of Elvis on the mirror at the back and funny little figurines dotted around the place.


The event was informal with a short intro from Vicky Osgood before getting stuck into a Mountain Dew Collins and some Buffalo wings!


The Mountain Dew Collins was good. I have a soft spot for Mountain Dew anyway, so pairing it with gin was always going to be a win for me, and the buffalo wings were a great start to proceedings.


The skin was crispy and the sauce was a good combination of tangy and spicy, with just enough heat to give it a zing without being too hot to eat. The blue cheese sauce which accompanied these was also delicious. Next up we got to try the hotdogs.

WP_20151115_13_53_42_Pro WP_20151115_13_45_31_Pro

There were 2 variations, both with beef franks. One featured ketchup, mustard and some amazing onion jam which was a really nice addition. The other had onions, emmental and sauerkraut. The tangy pickled cabbage with the nutty cheese went well together and there was just enough topping so that you didn’t get into too much of a mess. We had 2 types of fries to go with our dogs, chilli cheese fries and posh truffle oil and parmesan fries.


The chilli cheese fries were tasty, the chili topping was mild with plenty of beans and lots of cheese. The fries didn’t get too soggy either which was nice. The posh truffled fries were my favourite though.


These beauties were crispy with a really delicious, earthy truffle flavour and salty parmesan. I loved them.


I also enjoyed the burger, which had a rather unique ingredient – black pudding!


It sounds strange, but works surprisingly well. It keeps the texture of the burger soft, adds great flavour (if you like black pudding) and gives it a richness which I enjoyed. It was nice to have a burger with something unique!

After a large helping of meat heavy American comfort food, we were given a slightly more righteous dish with the kale and butternut squash salad.


The squash was roasted to the point of caramelisation, so it added a real sweetness to this dish. Paired with the slight bitterness of the kale, salty goats cheese and toasted nuts and chickpeas, this was a really satisfying salad that packed in a lot of flavour.

Then finally we got stuck into some good, American style pancakes!

WP_20151115_14_01_11_Pro WP_20151115_14_16_05_Pro

Some had blueberry sauce, some had bananas and some had bacon and maple syrup. I’m still not convinced by the pairing of bacon and maple syrup personally, but the pancakes were nice enough.

We had a short break to let our food settle before our mini masterclass at the bar, where we learnt how to make 2 of the bourbon cocktails on the Buffalo menu.

First of all was the apricot smash with Jim Beam honey and apricot jam.

WP_20151115_14_36_00_Pro WP_20151115_14_36_54_Pro

WP_20151115_14_41_48_Pro WP_20151115_14_44_54_Pro

Garnished with mint and a slice of lemon, I really enjoyed the taste of this. The subtle honey apricot flavour was a lovely accompaniment to the bourbon.

The other cocktail had Jim Beam bourbon, lemon juice, ginger beer and angostura bitters. I didn’t get to taste this one but it looked very pretty!

WP_20151115_14_46_57_Pro WP_20151115_14_48_13_Pro

And there you have it, our two lovely looking cocktails to round off a great little event!


Having tasted everything, we all agreed that a portion of the buffalo wings, coupled with the posh fries and kale salad would make a really delicious and satisfying meal for two. I think I’ll have to try it next time I go.


Buffalo & Rye officially opened its doors at noon on November 16th. You can’t make bookings at the moment, just turn up and wait for a table.

My meal and drinks were complimentary, many thanks to Vicky at Brumderland and the team at Buffalo & Rye. All opinions are of course, my own.