The Church JQ

I am a firm believer that food is good for the soul. Especially when that food is soul food from The Church in the Jewellery Quarter. My girlfriends and I planned a long overdue catch up at the weekend. However when I say planned, we actually forgot to book a table for the 7 of us. After a panicked tweet and email conversation the night before, the lovely folks at The Church sorted us a table with no hassle at all, so we headed over there early evening for dinner and drinks.

As there were 7 of us, they’d laid on tables for us in a private room with its own little bar, so we felt rather special! We had a couple of cocktails before deciding what to eat. I went for a Big Easy with my favourite spirit of the moment Cachaça, green tea syrup, ginger liqueur, apple and lime juice.

After looking at the menu for some time, we all struggled to decide what to have as it all looked so good. In the end, I went for the Bajan fishcakes and Soul Food Fried Chicken.


The photo doesn’t do it justice as it was quite dark, but these little fishcakes were delicious. Served with mayo and fresh spring onion, they were unlike any fishcakes I’ve had before, but I liked them so much I’d definitely have them again.

I also managed to steal some of my friends starters – the nachos which had a really moreish cheese sauce, and some Peel & Stone bread.


Onto the main courses, nearly all of us went for the Soul Food Fried Chicken which came served with mac & cheese, greens with ham hock and a cheesy biscuit.


The portion looked a little small at first sight, but once I started eating it was obvious this would be plenty. The mac & cheese was very creamy and filling, with a crunchy breadcrumb topping, the kale was cooked well and the flavour of the ham hock came through, but I have to admit I preferred the crispy kale on my veggie friend’s BBQ Jackfruit Platter. The cheese biscuit was interesting too. If you’re imagining a mini cheddar when I say cheese biscuit then you would be wrong, as it’s more like a savoury cheese scone, but it was tasty! The chicken was of course the star of the show though.


The skin was crispy with plenty of Cajun seasoning and inside the chicken was juicy, so much so that it actually dribbled down my chin as I bit into it! Messy, tasty and homely, it was a great plate of food that I, and all my friends, seemed to enjoy very much!

Here’s the lovely Lesley to say that this chicken rocked.


After our meals we had a rather healthy dose of cocktails with Hurricanes, Sazeracs and some impressive single malt whisky before getting progressively louder and more cheeky, so we headed off down to the Lord Clifden to continue the night.

Considering The Church looks like a traditional British pub (it is, after all, 100 years old) the team behind The Soul Food Project in the kitchen and the well stocked bar with New Orleans inspired cocktails make it a destination for great food and drink in Brum.