Kentucky Fried Cuisine at The Butchers Social

The humble chicken got a makeover this month as I Choose Birmingham threw chicken an awesome party at The Butchers Social in Harborne!

Promising buffalo wings, chicken skin crackling, roast chicken salted fries and Bourbon cocktails, this was my kind of night. I got my tickets at £15 a head (bargain!) and headed to Harborne on Saturday night.

Now I will freely admit I don’t often venture into South Birmingham, as I live in Sutton Coldfield I generally get to the city centre and stop there, but after a train journey straight to University and an Uber into Harborne which cost a mere £3.50, I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to get there.

We headed to Arco Lounge for a quick drink as we’d arrived a bit early, then mooched on down to The Butchers Social just after 5:30.

There were already plenty of people there as we arrived, so we headed straight to the bar for a drink, then went out to the marquee in the garden to check out the music offering. I’m not a great fan of jazz, but the band were good fun and gave the night a bit of atmosphere! The outdoor bar serving the Bourbon cocktails was great too as the bartenders regularly had ‘shake offs’ which was entertaining to watch!


We hadn’t been there long before we went to get our chicken as other people’s meals were making us hungry! The chicken was served in a cute little box shaped like a taxi (much to the dismay of some of my Facebook fans!!) with buffalo wings, chicken poppers, roast chicken salted fries, chicken skin crackling, chargrilled corn and a cracking hot sauce to dip into.


The buffalo wings were really good, with succulent chicken, ridiculously crispy skin and really good flavour with plenty of lovely seasoning. The chicken skin crackling was one of my favourite things, a cross between cripsy skin and pork scratchings, and the hot sauce served alongside everything was so tasty we actually asked if we could buy a bottle! Unfortunately they said no but you can’t blame a girl for trying.


The Bourbon Smash cocktail was a winner too, simply done with ice, mint and lemon, it was refreshing and zingy, but the cocktail of the night had to be the Earl Grey Gin Tea with locally distilled Langleys gin, Earl Grey, lemon, tonic and garnished with cinnamon and star anise.

I ran into the lovely Emily-Jayne from Emily-Jayne Image Consultancy who was vlogging the night, and her other half Dan, as well as fellow foodie Helen from Positive Fridays with her other half Edd. The general concensus was that the chicken was awesome! The only downside was that it was pretty chilly outside and there weren’t many seats inside, so we did end up moving on to The New Inn to get warm and comfy, before a stop off at The Plough on the way home!

The food was awesome though, and I’m told that on the regular menu at The Butchers Social you can get salted caramel chicken wings, which sounds both intruiging and delicious, so I’m sure I’ll be back before they close for their major refurb and re-emerge next year!