Posh Pickles Review

Cheese and pickles. To use a cliche, a match made in Heaven. The tastiest of ingredients, with the least amount of effort, resulting in a delicious treat that can be thrown together in seconds.

It’s things like these that I love most at Christmas. Having a few key ingredients in gives me the ability to put together a plate of food without a moments notice. Add a glass of wine (or Prosecco… it is Christmas!) and you have something that feels special but takes very little preparation.

I recently discovered Posh Pickles, who were happy to send me a sample of one of their products to try. Their range of flavours is impressive, from fiery chilli jam to spiced figgy chutney, but it was the pear and ginger jam that caught my eye.


I paired my sample with some gooey, sticky breaded Camembert, as I felt the creamy, melting cheese would work well with the warming ginger. I was right!


The ginger in this chutney is warming and delicious, rather than fiery and overpowering. In the same way ginger Christmasifies sweet dishes, adding this to the cheese made it taste festive in a way that only ginger can. There was a sweetness from the pear but it wasn’t too sickly as I find some onion marmalades can be. I will most certainly be adding a jar of this to my cheese board this year. Will you?