Veganuary Challenge

First things first, I am not a vegan and I’m not considering it as a permanent lifestyle choice. I am unashamedly a meat-eater and will probably remain that way as long as I live.

I am, however, passionate about animal welfare and protecting the environment. It shocked me to find out that 15% of the world’s emissions are from agriculture, half of that being purely from livestock. Our appetite for meat at every meal is obviously not sustainable, and that’s why I’ve got on board with Veganuary.


The team behind Veganuary approached me in the run up to Christmas to challenge me to give up animal products in January. Although I wasn’t able to commit to doing the challenge for a full month, I’m going to do my hardest to stick to it for the rest of January, starting today!

To reward my good intentions, they’ve sent me an awesome mixed box of Nakd treats to get me started without chocolate! I can already recommend the strawberry & cream flavour.

Now, although I am a meat-eater because I enjoy it, I want to embrace the plant based diet without merely substituting actual meat with some kind of chemically flavoured lump of fake meat. I don’t believe that’s healthy or really in the spirit of this challenge, so I’m looking to make my meals from veggies, pulses and as many natural vegan foods as I can.

I’ve already started phasing meat out of some meals, opting for smoothies and matcha lattes with almond milk for breakfast and veggie dips and salads for lunch, but I’m desperate to get some more inspiration, so if you’re a vegan blogger I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll be documenting my vegan creations on my instagram feed  so wish me luck. I’ll be posting how I’m feeling in 2 weeks time to see if I feel any differently.

If you want to join me, there’s still time to sign up and give vegan a go this January!