Resorts World: Part 2

Last week I took you on a whistle stop tour of World Bar and Bottega Prosecco Bar at Resorts World Birmingham. This week, I’ll finish the journey, starting off at Robata Bar & Grill.

Robata Bar & Grill

I don’t like the term Asian Fusion, but in all honesty, that is what Robata does. It fuses Asian inspired cooking techniques like the Robata grill, with flavours from Japan, Thailand, Australasia and Europe.

The restaurant is styled beautifully with floor to ceiling windows, lots of natural wood, Asian inspired trinkets including the rice baskets below, and an open kitchen where you can literally see the flames as the chefs are cooking.

We sampled a selection of starters and mains, accompanied by New World wines to match our dishes. The food here is presented beautifully but simply, with the ingredients being the star.


First of all we had what is affectionately known as ‘French Fries’ – tempura style battered green beans which were deliciously crisp and moreish.


Next we had these belly pork bao. Soft, sticky buns with slow cooked belly pork and pickled ginger. These were absolutely delicious, so much so that I even asked for extra buns, to which the staff happily obliged!

For mains we had a whole host of options! Hanging chicken kebab, Teriyaki salmon steak, vegan jungle curry and whole sea bass with Thai flavours. Both of the fish dishes were cooked very well, the salmon steak being meaty with punchy dressing where the Thai sea bass was delicately perfumed with lemongrass.

The vegan jungle curry was flavoursome and surprisingly satisfying despite the lack of meat, while the chicken kebab was juicy and well cooked.

Robata is a far cry from the usual ‘hotel restaurant’ serving up mediocre dishes. Everything we were served was fresh, presented and cooked well with really delicious flavours. Really good Asian food can be hard to find, but you’ll certainly find it here.

Sky Bar

Sky Bar was the last stop on our tour, where we were promised glamour, cocktails and an experience like no other.

On first impressions alone, Sky Bar is stunning, extremely high end with panoramic views and one of the best stocked bars I’ve seen. The chefs table sits proudly in the middle of the venue with a semi-circular table facing into the kitchen, while the bar at one end draws the eye with is mirrored top and backlit bar. The undulating curves of the furniture and decor all add to the sumptuous feel.

The cocktail menu was the star of the show at our evening, as we were guided through the Wu Xing menu by our bartenders. With cocktails representing wood, fire, Earth, metal and water as well as a Wu Xing Harmony cocktail encompassing all the elements in one.

Each one of these cocktails were beautiful, with my favourites being Fire (because I loved the spiciness!)…


… and Earth (a Japan inspired take on a Whisky sour, perfect).


The Wu Xing Harmony is a real showstopper, with elements of each other drink in there, plus actual fire! It is a Cognac based drink which I wouldn’t normally choose, but the flavour was really well balanced and surprisingly drinkable. The steeped berries were also delicious. If you’re hoping to impress, then that would be the way to do it.


As well as the cocktails, we got to sample some desserts from the Sky Bar menu, including this rather strange looking concoction!


Despite its appearance, this was actually a fruity, frozen dessert, but I preferred the chocolate option.


We also got to try out some of the wines we’d had earlier in the evening in different glassware to explore how different they taste.

I was struck by the amazing attention to detail at Sky Bar, which really sets this place apart. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the company of the staff who are exceptionally knowledgable about their products, and I’d love to come back for a special occasion.

Resorts World was aiming to be a destination, and with so much on offer in terms of food and drink (not to mention Waters Restaurant and High Line which I haven’t yet been to) I think it’s delivering on its promise.


I was an invited guest of Resorts World, all my food and drinks were complimentary, many thanks to the team at Robata, Sky Bar and Resorts World. All opinions are my own and I was in no way obliged to provide a positive review. Professional photographs used with permission from Resorts World.