Yumzee Launches in Birmingham

If you’re a Birmingham based fan of Come Dine With Me, but have never quite made it through the application process, then meet Yumzee.

Yumzee plate

Yumzee is a newly launched ‘social dining experience’ that connects people who love to cook, with those who love food, in an in-home dining experience, a bit like a supper club.

People who are passionate about cooking can become hosts and create a meal, be it a dinner party, Sunday brunch or cocktail tasting. The host chooses the date, sets how many places there’ll be at the table, creates the menu, and sets the price for the meal.

Then those of us who love to eat can sign up to the meal, go to the host’s home and enjoy their hospitality while meeting like-minded people.

Meal 2

The founder of Yumzee describes it as “a new and authentic experience in one of the hosts’ comfortables homes, bonding over one of the most basic yet enjoable experiences in life: food!”

One of the guests said: “I can’t believe how nervous I was when I first rang the doorbell, compared to how sad I was when it was time to say goodbye. It was a really great bunch of people, and I really didn’t want the night to end. What a difference to my normal Friday night take away!”

Meal 3

I’ve already signed up and I’ll be reviewing my experience here as soon as an event near me pops up, so if Yumzee sounds right up your street, register now as a host or a guest.

Maybe I’ll see you there soon!

Yumzee brick wall