Coffee Tea Club: Little’s Flavoured Coffee Review

Getting really good flavoured coffee is pretty difficult. Usually the flav0ur comes from sugar laden syrups which make the coffee excessively sweet, not to mention the calories, so when I was contacted by Coffee Tea Club to try out some flavoured coffees from Little’s, I was interested to see if their infusion method could give a great flavour without all that sugar.

I got sent a gift set of 3 flavours inspired by after dinner drinks – Havana rum, Amaretto and Irish Cream.


The presentation of this set is lovely, perfect for giving as a gift, with 3 good sized jars of each flavour.


All Little’s coffee is made from Arabica beans, even the instant varieties. They infuse the beans with flavour before being roasted and turned into instant coffee that’s easy to make and tastes actually quite delicious. I’m not a great lover of instant coffee, but the flavours in these were fab.

My favourite of the 3 flavours was the Amaretto, with a rich, nutty flavour from the almond. They taste fine without sugar but a teaspoon of demerera and a splash of milk (or even cream if you’re feeling decadent) really makes them come alive.

Little’s coffees are ideal to have after dinner, a little bit of indulgent flavour without the alcohol or sugar.

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Happy drinking,

My gift set was sent to me for free to review, many thanks to Coffee Tea Club. All opinions are, as always, my own.