Boozy Cherry and Almond Trifle

Trifle, it seems, is in the blood in my family. From my mum’s sherry soused fruit trifle, to my aunt’s decadent chocolate trifle, we all seem to have a knack with this particular dessert.

I decided to make a trifle last week, as one of my other half’s colleagues had never had it before, and that is just a travesty! Since posting pictures of it on Instagram and Facebook, lots of people have messaged me asking for the recipe.

While I don’t profess to be an expert, and I certainly don’t make everything by hand, I can safely say this trifle recipe is pretty damn good! So here it is, my boozy cherry and almond trifle.

1 tin cherries in syrup
1 packet Italian savoiardi biscuits
2 tubs of fresh custard or 2 packets custard powder, made with slightly less water than packet instructions call for
1 pack black cherry flavoured jelly
1/3 cup Amaretto (I use American measuring cups for this, but it’s around 80ml)
300ml tub whipping cream
Flaked almonds

Line the bottom of your serving bowl with savoiardi biscuits, just enough for 1 layer. If your dish is round you may need to break them up a bit to cover the bottom.

Pour over the Amaretto and allow the biscuits to absorb it all.


Drain your cherries from the syrup, reserving the syrup, and dot the cherries around on top of your soaked biscuits.

Next, prepare the jelly. You can make your own jelly with cherry juice, the reserved cherry syrup, sugar and leaf gelatine, but for mine I used a packet of Robinsons black cherry flavoured jelly, prepared as per packet instructions.


Allow the jelly mix to cool slightly, then pour over the cherry and biscuit mixture and allow to set.


Next for the custard. If you’re using fresh, simply spoon the custard over the cooled jelly in a thick layer. If you’re using custard powder, make sure your water is boiling when you add it to the powder and whisk vigorously. I find using a little less water than the packet states is handy as it gives you a thicker custard.

Leave the prepared custard to cool, then spoon over the set jelly as above. Allow to set in the fridge.

Once the custard is fridge cold, whip the cream and spoon over to create the top layer.


To garnish, I like to use flaked almonds to tie in with the Amaretto flavour. Add a handful of flaked almonds to a dry frying pan and toast on a low heat until fragrant and the colour starts to change ever so slightly.



Allow the toasted almonds to cool completely, sprinkle over the whipped cream top and serve.


Very pretty, and absolutely delicious, even if I do say so myself! Give it a try and let me know how you get on.