Guest Post: Son of Steak

Nottingham food blogger and dairy-free queen Kaylea from Will Flirt For Food joins me on the blog today for her first guest post! She went along to the launch of Son of Steak in Nottingham to get the lowdown for me. Here’s what she thought of Nottingham’s newest steak restaurant!


The newest hotspot in Trinity Square, Son of Steak, opened its doors to a host of bloggers last week.


The building used to be The Harvester and has the standard issue wooden and exposed metal interior so synonymous with Nottingham’s restaurants! I liked the open kitchen, it was nice to see the chefs hard at work.


The décor is actually really nice and I love the poster on the back wall explaining how to decide how you want your steak. As a waitress (years ago now) we learned how to tell whether a steak was rare, medium or well using your hand. Here it is:


Described as ‘The next generation of steak’ on their website, it’s the first branch to open in the UK by Mitchells & Butlers – the parent company which owns and operates The Harvester. Barely anywhere in Nottingham offer steak as their speciality, you have Soulville Steakhouse and also Miller & Carter in Wollaton but that is it really. Although I have never been a fan of steak, I was looking forward to trying their other menu items.

 mojito and chilli bites

We were welcomed with Mojitos, which we learned were on tap! Less messing about, more drinking! What a great idea, and I believe the only place in Nottingham to offer this.

Everyone hovered around a table set up with nibbles, including some of the juiciest olives I have ever had. There was also salted caramel popcorn (yummy) and cheesy popcorn (oh god why?) and chilli puffs (amazing and not as hot as I had imagined)

Our table missed out on the veggie hash and the bacon hash, as only two of each dish were served and bloggers are like vultures! I managed to get a tiny piece and it was ok, but quite bland. There was no seasoning on the part I ate, although admittedly it wasn’t even a forkful of either.

veggie hash bacon hash

When the staff realised out table was missing out, they quickly began preparing more food so that everyone could try it.

raw food salad

First up was the raw food salad, with leafy greens, carrot and chilli, in a ginger and pineapple dressing. I would definitely order this alongside the chicken or steak. It was summery and would be perfect on a warm day.

 caesar salad

Then came the avocado Caesar salad, with crunchy croutons and parmesan cheese. I ate around the cheese (lactose intolerant) and was really pleasantly surprised. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the salad dressing was delicious.

On to the steaks…

 picana steak

To be honest, apart from my sisters steak with peppercorn sauce in Portugal, I have never really liked steak. I always ask to try a friend or family members to see if my taste buds have changed but in the last 29 years theres only been that one. So I was a little reluctant to give my opinion. However, every one I tried was genuinely, surprisingly tasty.

My favourites were the Josper steaks, fresh from the charcoal oven, and really tender and juicy. The Lomito is hand cut from the most tender part of the rump, The Picana is from the top rump and the Sirloin is from the loin. My favourite of these was the Picana, lightly sea salted and cooked medium rare with a crust, it was so succulent I wanted more. Their secret recipe steak sauce (kind of smoky spicy BBQ) went really well with it.

The flat iron steak can be ordered and served in 2 minutes! 2 minutes! Great for a lunchtime bite.


The beef burger came next, and to be honest was a little burnt, and not particularly well flavoured. I didn’t go back for seconds.

 steak bao bun

I was so looking forward to the Bao buns. Not being a fan of steak I had already perused the menu beforehand for something to tickle my taste buds. The steak bun came out first, with an overpoweringly vinegar taste. I did not enjoy it. When the staff noticed me not going back for seconds they questioned it and I was honest in that I didn’t like the sauce and found the steak really chewy. They quickly returned with a hand pulled chicken bun, which was delicious. The flavours of the sauce worked so well with the chicken and I would go back for more. The chicken was delicious. It is so hard to get chicken that isn’t overcooked and dry in Nottingham, and they succeeded in delivering great tasting, juicy chicken.

 chicken bao bun

There are a huge range of sides too, I loved the smoky flavour of the sweet potato. Apparently it had spicy maple syrup and pecan nuts, but I didn’t see those. The flat mushrooms in garlic were exactly that. As was the house slaw. Nothing amazing but a decent side. The halloumi was cooked well (I asked my housemate as again I don’t eat cheese) and was golden in colour.

However, the vegan creamy béchamel spinach was awful. Everyone on the table agreed, it was mushy and tasted awful, and the triple cooked chips were not my cup of tea, I like my chips to be crisp and hot, these weren’t.

The highlight was the beef dripping gravy, which was divine! It was so meaty and thick, just how gravy should be.

Onto puddings, the chocolate mousse and cookie was a great little dessert. The mousse was light and fluffy and the cookies had whopping great bits of chocolate in!

The staff were extremely friendly and the drinks kept flowing (always good). Firefly drinks were also there with a photobooth and a drink to take home, personalised with your photobooth photo which I thought was a great touch.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, tasty steak (the most expensive is the sirloin at £11.60) I would definitely recommend that you check Son of Steak out. Just please don’t order that spinach!!

Kaylea x

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Disclaimer: I was invited by Son of Steak as a guest, Kaylea from Will Flirt for Food attended on my behalf. Drinks and food were complimentary, many thanks to the team there. All opinions are genuine and neither myself or Kaylea were obligated to provide a positive review.