Original Patty Men

I know I’m a little late to the party with this. I’ve been meaning to review Original Patty Men for ages, but I always get distracted and just get stuck in before I remember to take photos and, you know, pause for breath.

I finally got around to reviewing them in full after I went a couple of weekends ago, and I cannot overstate how much I love these burgers.

Having gone from street food traders and Digbeth Dining Club regulars, O.P.M have had their very own full time establishment under a railway arch in Digbeth for around two years now, and if the rumours are true, they’ll soon have a bar and bakery next door.


I went on a Sunday, and arrived pretty much as they were opening the doors, so luckily no queuing for me (usually guests can expect up to 30 minute waits for a table). It was a warm afternoon so we grabbed a table outside in the quirky, astro-turf garden area and checked out the menu.


In typical blogger style, I decided to order off menu, going for the special Bourbon Squealer. My other half stuck to the classics and had a Bacon Cheese, but we both doubled our meat and got a side of O.D.B fries to share.

Seeing as we arrived at around 11:30, we grabbed a couple of cokes to drink instead of beers. The Karma Cola is really good, made with Fairtrade cane sugar and kola nuts.


We waited only as long as it took to cook our burgers fresh, then got stuck in.


My Bourbon Squealer was possibly the messiest burger I have ever seen. It was literally oozing with sauce and cheese. The patties were super juicy and pink in the middle, the mustard slaw had a real kick which complimented the beef perfectly, and despite the ridiculous amount of sauce, the buns held up right until the last bite.


The bacon cheese went down very well too, with the combination of juicy beef, crispy bacon, oozing cheese and crunchy pickles making an ideal mouthful.


The fries were also noteworthy, loaded up with fresh spring onion, crunchy onions, slaw and sriracha mayo.


The fries underneath stayed crispy, even with all the toppings, and the combination of crunch, freshness and heat made this a really interesting dish that could hold its own as the main event, not just as a side.

Overall, seriously good stuff. Original Patty Men are creating some of the best burgers in Birmingham, so if you’ve not been yet, go. Right now. You won’t regret it.