Forage at Coppice Garden Centre

There’s nothing I enjoy more on a Sunday afternoon than having a mooch around a farm shop. There are a few around Sutton Coldfield that I frequent, and the newest addition is Forage Food Hall.

Forage boasts a butchers, bakery and deli, with an impressive selection of beers, wines & spirits, set within the rather lovely Coppice Garden Centre which also houses Fig & Olive restaurant. I popped along the weekend of their launch to check it out and buy all of the things.



The fresh section has fruit & veg from local growers, and includes seasonal and speciality produce like heritage tomatoes & carrots.


The butchers features meat from local farms, hung up in all its glory so you can choose which cuts you want, alongside a small selection of pre-packaged meat.

There’s also a bakery with a mouthwatering selection of bread, including sourdough (hipster fave right there), cakes and even macarons.



There’s a great selection of interesting market products too, like sauces, snacks & sweets, including Staffordshire honey and a fantastic choice of local beers.




It was tough not to spend a ridiculous amount of money, as I wanted to put everything in my basket. I ended up taking home some fresh veg, Moroccan lamb meatballs from the butchers, bacon jam & pouring mustard from the market area and some Shakespeare inspired beers from Stratford-upon-Avon.

I also treated myself to one of these glorious Scotch Eggs from the deli counter, which I admittedly ate on the way home.



I loved the Ploughman’s flavours, which included pickle in the pork mix and cheese in the breadcrumbs. In fact, I could murder another one of them right now.

The other lovely thing about Forage is it’s based within the beautiful Coppice Garden Centre, that has a gift shop, restaurant and loads of lovely plants. Once I’d done my shopping I had a stroll among the flowers before heading home.


I also fell in love with these amazing wood burning outdoor cookers. I don’t have a garden, but if I did, I would totally get one of these bad boys.

I’ll definitely be adding Forage Food Hall to my list of Sunday afternoon shopping spots.

Have you been yet? What did you think?


I was invited to the launch of Forage Food Hall but unfortunately couldn’t make it. All of my purchases were paid in full by me and my opinions are, as always, my own.