Unlimited Tacos at Antojitos, Nottingham

Unlimited. Tacos. I’m just going to let that sink in for a second. I’m always down for tacos, so when I found out Antojitos had a pop-up at Last Chance Saloon and were dishing out as many tacos as I could fit in my face, I had to get down there.

Their Taco Revolution menu cost just £10 and you could literally eat as many tacos as you could handle. There were also 241 cocktails on offer from 5-7pm from the award winning Last Chance Saloon bartenders.


There were plenty of choices, including meat, fish & veggie, so I made it my plan to eat my way through all of them.

But first, cocktails. I had the Daisy, which is made with Brokers Gin, Prosecco and elderflower.


As well as being delightfully photogenic, this was really tasty with a velvety feel.

Onto the tacos, I successfully managed to try all the options, totting up a total of 9 individual tacos eaten. I was beaten only by my producer Carl who weighed in at 10.

My top 3 flavours were the chilli beef, chicken tinga and sweet potato.


The chicken tinga was spicy and super tender, with plenty of fresh coriander and mozzarella sprinkled on top.


The chilli beef was the best for me flavour-wise, as it was packed with smoky chipotle, offset by sharp red onion and crunchy fresh cabbage. This did have a tendency to be a bit messy though.


I also really enjoyed the sweet potato and corn taco. The texture was a bit heavier than the other options, as there was loads of sweet potato in there, but the flavour was fab and felt like a well-thought out option, not an obligatory veggie dish.

The refried bean taco was also good, but by the time I ordered that one I was so full I really didn’t appreciate it. The only one which was disappointing was the fish taco, as I’d hoped it would be spicier and more flavoursome.

I have to give a special mention to the sauce too. If I could have bottled it and taken it home, I would have done.

These kinds of all you can eat affairs can sometimes mean poor quality food, but for Antojitos, every taco looked and tasted as good as the last. Plus for just £10 per person, it’s ridiculously good value for as much food as you want. Despite having a fairly small menu, the fact there were 2 veggie options impressed me too. It was the ideal post-work night out with something that made everyone happy.

Have you been? Which was your favourite?


My meal & drinks were paid in full by me, and the staff were unaware I would be posting a review. 

I visited Taco Revolution at Last Chance Saloon in Nottingham, where unlimited tacos were £10 on Thursday night. You can now find Antojitos on Stoney Street in the Lace Market, Nottingham