Scotts of Harborne

How can a courgette, a rather unexciting vegetable, become an absolute sensation? To answer that question, you’ll have to try the courgette fritters at Scott’s of Harborne.

After a particularly boozy affair at Brumderland’s whisky tasting at The Anchor, a rather hungover George (of Caramel Latte Kiss fame), Dave & I were in dire need of sustenance, and sustenance we found in the form of coffee, burgers and those courgette fritters at Scott’s of Harborne.

I’d never been before, seeing as I don’t frequent the Harborne end of town that often, but I feel I should having been now. If you’re living for the Insta, you’ll love Scott’s lush greenery and bright, airy interior. It’s got a touch of The Ivy about it. And lots of cacti.

We started off with coffee while we deliberated between the brunch menu and burgers. I had a caramel latte, which was delicious and not too syrupy sweet.


George was waxing lyrical about the courgette fritters (£4.95) from the tapas menu, so we started with a portion of those which she very kindly shared.


I can’t overstate this. These were THE BOMB. The transformational power of this tempura-light, crispy batter on the otherwise average courgette is crazy. The generous seasoning made them super moreish too.

They were so good, in fact, that I ordered a burger with them stuffed inside. This was the Scott’s of Harborne Burger (£8) which Scott himself affectionately described as “all the good stuff shoved on a burger.”


It had mozzarella, cheddar, smoked bacon, courgette fritters, tomato, red onion and sriracha mayo, and a beautifully cooked burger.


This was absolutely what I needed to stave off my hangover. Carbs, meat, tonnes of cheese, salt. It was a complete delight. You also definitely do not need to be hungover to enjoy this thing of beauty.

I had a peppermint tea afterwards, as I genuinely inhaled this burger far faster than I should have because it was so delicious, but I just had to grab a shot of Dave’s vanilla milkshake, which comes in this adorable miniature milk bottle.


So, to round up? Try the courgette fritters. Get the burger with them in. You won’t regret it.


You can find Scott’s of Harborne on Harborne High Street, funnily enough, and they’re open for breakfast/brunch, tapas and burgers.

My meal was paid for in full (thanks George & Dave), opinions are as always, my own.