My Favourite Foodies

Brummie Bloggers

Independent Birmingham logo.png

Independent Birmingham is one of my favourite websites. As well as offering Brummies discounts at nearly every independent shop, restaurant and bar in the city, IB has tonnes of insider information, beautifully written content and some of the best photography you’ll see. Considering the whole operation is run by Joe and his dog Mags, he does an amazing job and I urge you to check out the IB blog!



My gorgeous friend Vicky of Brumderland is often my +1 at events. Not only is she a fabulous writer, she’s also my resident whisky expert with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of whiskies from all over the world.

She’s also got fantstic taste in food, books and all things Birmingham. Follow her down the rabbit hole, I promise you’ll love it!

full to the brum.png
Laura at Full to the Brum  is a passionate local foodie, and uses her blog as an excuse to take pictures of her dinner without being judged! Her background in the bar industry makes her an expert on all things cocktail-based, so if she’s raving about a new bar, you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be good. Another great source of insider information, Laura has her finger firmly on the foodie pulse of the city, and her honest and candid reviews are always fun to read.

Lifestyle blogger Ting of The Ting Thing covers everything from her favourite beauty products for dry, sensitive skin, to secret gigs and all the hottest events. As well as being totally stylish, a great writer and a passionate advocate of Birmingham and its wonders, she’s also a lovely person. She’s really into food and cocktails, which is why I love reading her blog.


Paul Fulford is an authority on food in Birmingham. Formerly the Birmingham Mail restaurant critic, he’s been a food and wine blogger for 20 years. His writing is literary and beautiful, his opinions are outspoken and honest, and despite his glamorous appearance, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to getting the best food in the city.

             Positive Fridays- A Birmingham food blog

Helen at Positive Fridays is a fellow Birmingham food blogger that loves food as much as I do. We regularly bump into each other at events and share our passion for great food and dismay at our expanding waistlines! Her photography is great and her reviews are entertaining and honest. Lovely to read and spend time with!


Brummie Gourmand Logo.png

Brummie Gourmand is a street food aficionado, eating his way around Birmingham with wife Viv. He’s also a bit of an expert when it comes to Asian cuisine, and (the multi-talented bloke he is) also presents the Saturday afternoon show on Brum Radio!

Nutella Tasha Logo.png

Nutella Tasha is, as you may suspect, a Nutella addict. She’s also one of Birmingham’s top dairy-free food bloggers. Tasha has a particular interest in healthy food and reviews loads of vegan restaurants.

Foodie Family Blog logo.jpg

The Foodie Family Blog is written by doctor and foodie Roz. She’s usually got her hubby and baby in tow, so there’s plenty of inspiration for family friendly dining.

Jo’s Kitchen

Jo Brigdale of Jo’s Kitchen is a food and recipe blogger whose awesome recipes are all family friendly. A keen baker, Jo’s cakes always look fabulous, and her recipes are easy to follow and try at home. A keen Pinterest user, with a host of amazing boards to follow, and vlogger reviewing cookbooks on her YouTube channel, Jo is as much the social butterfly as she is the cook.


Han Eats

Relative blogging newbie Han Eats has some serious food porn on her blog. Her awesome photography skills have me drooling with every new post.

UK Bloggers

Kaylea aka Will Flirt For Food is one of my bessie mates and a Nottingham based food blogger specialising in dairy free food. A good combination of restaurant reviews and home cooked recipes, as well as a healthy dose of funny single-life anecdotes, Kaylea is entertaining, funny and a great cook.

Thug Kitchen.jpg

If you’ve not heard of Thug Kitchen, where the f*ck have you been?! These guys do vegan cooking differently, no BS, and quite frankly, make eating vegetables as cool as sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Their cookbooks are stuffed with great cooking tips and littered with profanities, which I find hilarious and totally relatable. Their book Thug Kitchen: Fast as F*ck is one of my favourites of recent years.

Domestic Gothess

Domestic Gothess is quite possibly my favourite baking blog. As well as amazing food porn photos, her recipes are unique and delicious, from this berry lime bundt cake to her tangzhong burger buns.


Ms Marmite Lover started the original supper club The Underground Restaurant, which she still runs eight years on. Her cookingis as bold as her opinions, making her blog a fantastic read, not to mention her epic photos. From Cinco de Mayo supper club specials to tree to bar chocolate making, her blog is a great read for serious foodies.

The London Foodie

The London Foodie, or Luis for short, runs his own supper club and blog from our fair capital city. He was born in Brazil to Italian and Japanese parents, so his culinary influences are varied and unique. As well as knowing everywhere that’s worth eating in London, he’s written his own cook book on Nikkei, the cuisine of his heritage.



DJ BBQ aka Christian Stevenson is an old friend and a kick-ass cook. He brings the tradition of American barbecue to a worldwide audience through his YouTube channel and bestselling book. A firm favourite of Jamie Oliver and an all-round awesome dude, you should definitely check him out.


SORTEDfood is one of those channels you can go back to again and again and again. As well as being great fun to watch, their cooking hacks can really save you time in the kitchen, and all their recipes are simple enough to make at home, but inspiring enough to make you want to take your iPad into the kitchen with you and get experimenting.

Buzzfeed Tasty.jpg

The ubiquitous Buzzfeed created Tasty to fill the world with short, punchy cooking videos. And fill the world it has. I can literally lose hours to their YouTube channel watching tutorials for everything from pizza bread bowls to aquarium cookies.